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Everyone, Get Over This Moron Zoe Quinn. Now.

Given that I recently saw a post about the whole ‘Zoe Quinn’ shebang, I feel compelled to put in an entry. I’m heavily interested in gaming and the gaming industry, and I have seen a few articles detailing the whole business. For those interested in the scandal (As I suppose I should call it), here’s a link to some sites which should give you a good idea of what’s going on.

The original site:
A site that could be described as ‘pro-zoe:’
A reddit thread with regards to it:
A youtube video detailing the affair and its implications:

I’ve listened to a few perspectives. I’ve read these sites, I’ve listened to the videos. I’ve read a bit into her backstory, I’ve read her tweets. And I have to say that I’m not buying it. It’s yet another symptom of this rampant pussyfooting in society, of being afraid to offend anybody, of standing up for the weak and the ‘oppressed.’ If anybody so much as offends a women, Sir Fagalot and his White Knights jump to the rescue - namely these pathetically PC guys who write articles defending her, purely because she’s a woman. Appealing to certain discrepancies, asking for concrete evidence of skipping steps on the ladder due to sexual interactions. Anybody with half a bloody brain is evidently able to see what kind of a person she is.

And that is what these wimps in certain fields of media are unable to spot. The internet is not ablaze due to her fucking other men. The internet is ablza as a result of the fact that her fucking other men reveals what kind of person she is - the blog is telling of her character! It reveals exactly, exactly what kind of a person she is. Manipulative. Sick. Immoral. Should some idiot who thinks he’s sticking up for right comment on this, saying ‘you’ve done immoral things,’ you’d be right, and I don’t give a damn.

However, I’d rather rot in hell rather than be quiet about this load of bullshite, that her friends, her connections, are trying to burn. He did what he deserved to be able to do, on an emotional level. However, on a professional level, this is an excellent opportunity. Listen, Zoe. We all have an idea of making our own game. It’s a way of wandering into our own little world, of creating this brilliant fantasy, be it to share, or be it to escape. However. In order to make a successful game, it has to appeal to people. And that thing that you fucked onto Greenlight? Remove it. Now. You can spout all the ‘feminist’ bullshit you want. Get it through your heads, all of you politically correct wankers, her friends, her ardent supporters. It’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because she’s a morally corrupt human.

Windows 8. Thankyou for destroying my hardware.

Granted, it may be fantastic if you have a touch device. However, did Microsoft put one second of thought toward the fact that the majority (yes, you wankers, the majority) of people have PCs that aren’t touch enabled. So stop being a bunch of cunts, because this poorly coded, buggy, unsatisfying, complex, barely usable OS has utterly crippled my laptop. Microsoft are kings of jack shit now


After taking the plunge, deciding to abandon Microsoft early perhaps primarily for the Destiny rights that the PS4 offered, I now find myself having entered two codes that are now unuseable thanks to an interruption in the download. All because fucking Sony couldn’t cope with the fact that yes, millions of people are going to log on to play the destiny beta. I have never had, never had a fucking network problem with XBL. Get your fucking shit together Sony you wankers

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